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Dec 22nd, 2010 | By HGKing | Category: What's The Buzz?

Having sex isn’t always amazing as it should feel, that’s when lubricants come in handy. A few drops on either partner will make things glide along smoothly when the woman isn’t creating enough of her own natural lube. There are so many kinds to choose from and since I’ve already told you about glycerin and the ingredients in many lubricants that can cause yeast infections, why don’t we tell you about the differences between ones that are oil, water, and silicone based?

Types and Brands:

Oil Based-Vaseline, mineral oil, baby oil, vegetable oil, cold creams, lotions

Water Based-Astroglide, KY Jelly, Probe, Wet, Liquid Silk

Silicone Based-Eros, Wet Platinum, ID Millennium

Should be used with what type of condom?

Oil Based–Polyurethane

Water Based–Polyurethane or Latex

Silicone Based–Polyurethane or Latex

Use with sex toys?

Oil Based–Can be used with any toys except those made out of latex.

Water Based–Can be used with toys made out of any material.

Silicone Based–Never use a toy made out of silicone (it will break down the material)

Cool Facts:

Oil Based–It beads up when it’s in water

Water Based–Instead of applying more lube you can add just a little bit more water

Silicone Based–People like using this in the shower since it doesn’t break down


Oil Based–Cleans up with water and soap

Water Based–Just use water

Silicone Based–Soap and water

Water based lubricants are the best to use because they are easier to find and clean up is simple

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