What Is A Cock Ring? Why Should I Use One?

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What are they? How do they work?

A cock ring, or constriction ring, is placed around the base of the penis and testicles, or just around the testicles . An erection is caused when there is increased blood flow to his genitals. When a cock ring is placed it increases the amount of blood in the penis by preventing the blood from leaving, and it resulting in larger, harder erections that may last longer. Rings are made of various materials such as metal, rubber, silicone, or leather.

Cock rings come in a traditional single-strap style or one of many variations on and some rings that separates the balls or squeezes the testicles, one that even stimulates your partner during penetration, some even have vibrators or bullet vibes, or one that is inflatable.

Some models even have multiple rings: one or more can go on the shaft of the penis and the other can be placed on the balls, or one for each testicle , or any combination you choose. Rings that provide ball spreading or dividing pull the testicles down and away from the body, a sensation that many men can and do enjoy, as the natural inclination during arousal is for the testicles to retract toward the body.

Will they make my penis bigger and harder?

For the short time that you wear the ring will be aroused, your erection is likely to be bigger, harder, and may be more sensitive and even last longer, and the results will not be permanent.

Why would I use one?

For pleasure/recreation.When the ring is placed around the penis or testicles it will create a feeling of tightness and engorgement that many men find extremely arousing. The ring increases blood in the penis resulting in a bigger, harder erection that can last longer than usual. Many men have reported increased sensitivity when using a ring, and some find that it delays ejaculation but it might have an opposite because of the increased sensitivity. Typically men report that when using the ring it results in a delayed and heightened (more intense) orgasm. A ring can be used with other toys, such as male masturbators or butt plugs, or can be incorporated into your encounters with a partner. Because it is used to bind the penis and/or testicles, cock rings are often incorporated into BDSM play.

Medical reasons for using a cock ring: According to the FDA, a ring may be used with a penis pump to help get and maintain an erection if you have a erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. By slipping on a cock ring and then using a penis pump to get the best erection possible. Some people believe this method results in a much harder erection – without the use of some prescription drugs like Viagra. If you have ED or impotence, see a doctor to avoid a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing some of the causes of this condition. Not everyone with ED should use a constriction ring or pump, so before using them consult a physician (and perhaps also your favorite hottie dressed up as one.)

How would I use one?

Choose a style thats best for you. Begin by choosing an appropriate ring. Some rings can be removed at any time; others cannot, such as the solid metal rings. It is best recommended to choose a ring that will and can come off at anytime (snaps off or can be stretched out).

Choose a size. Some of the rings are flexible for a much better fit, but rings are not one-size-fits-all. First measure the size of your shaft when you are fully erect so that you can choose a cock ring that best fits you. Choose a ring size that best fits your penis or one that is adjustable.

First put the ring on correctly. If you choose an adjustable cock ring you will be able to put it on at any time. Once you have an erection adjust the strap so that it is snug but not uncomfortable, and it should not hurt once its placed. (Note: if you are using a ring that has velcro fasteners, you should trim your pubic hair so that it does not get caught in the Velcro.) If you choose a non-adjustable ring, such as a metal ring, you must put it on before you are fully erect. Hold the ring under your testicles and insert one at a time. Then insert your flaccid penis, head first. The ring should be at the base of the shaft and behind your testicles, so that the shaft and balls are in front of the ring. Hold the ring in place until your erection is large enough to hold it there. This style of ring will only come off when you are no longer erect, and therefore is only for men with extensive experience using rings.

Take it off when necessary. If you are a novice, do not keep the ring on for no more than 5-10 minutes. If you are an experienced user, use it for no more than 20-30 minutes at a time, and if you will be using it again be sure to keep it off for at least 60 minutes.

Be creative and have fun while using the cock ring, you can combine it with any different type of toy from wrapping it around a dildo and using it on your partner or placing it on a butt-plug for better stimulation.

Are there any risks involved?

If you use a constriction ring as recommended you are unlikely to encounter any problems. Here are some guidelines to ensure a safe, fun experience with your ring:

1. Remove the ring at the first sign of pain or discomfort.
2. Never use a ring for more than thirty minutes. Do not fall asleep wearing a cock ring, as you have erections throughout the night.
3. Always allow at least sixty minutes between uses of the ring.
4. Use the least constrictive ring possible to achieve the desired effect.
5. Do not use a ring while impaired by alcohol or drugs.
6. Cock rings are not intended for use as a method of birth control.
7. Frequent or prolonged use of constriction rings may result in bruising and permanent injury of your penis.
8. Consult your physician before trying a ring, and if any complications occur. As always, this article does not replace the advice of a physician, regardless of how he or she may be dressed.

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