What You Need To Know When It Comes To A Vibrator And Dildo…

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What exactly constitutes a dildo is pretty common, there are so many variations of sex toys and accessories these days that seem very much alike.

Dildos go back to ancient times, that were used by men and women for sexual pleasure. They are objects that in some way represent the male penis and are used for penetration.

Traditional Dildos-

These are basic solid penis shaped items; and no, a hairbrush handle or cucumber is not considered a dildo. Some dildos can even go so far as to have balls.

Dildos can range in size and shape, and can be realistic or unrealistic with artistic and modern styles. They can be smooth, lovingly bumpy, ridged, multicolored, and some can even be made out of glass. Some can have suction cups or handles that allow for sexy positioning, as well as various textures that are so realistic you would not know the difference between a dildo and a real cock if you closed your eyes.

Traditional dildos differ from other dildos cause they are solid and they do not vibrate, move, dance or wiggle, they just fit in your hand and go into whatever orifice you choose for your pleasure.

Nontraditional Dildos-

These dildos have advanced technological that have allowed them to rotate, vibrate, thrust, jiggle, wiggle, squirt, and bring out more pleasure and a wilder side to anyone who uses them.

Choosing Your Dildo(s)-

Determining Size

Sometimes it’s hard to decide the best size for yourself. One of the best ways to determine what’s best for you is the simple test of your finger or vegetable, using one or the other can help you decide what width and length you will need or want.

For safe testing you should wash anything you insert into any part of your body and then take some time to determine what will bring you the most pleasure. You can also have a partner help you out and make it into a fun experience.

Some dildos can range in length from 4 inches to more than a foot and a half or more!

Dildos can also range in width from 1″ to 3″ or more!

Dildos with smooth surfaces are usually made of silicone, plastic, rubber or jelly. Smooth dildos are usually made for better g-spot stimulation and it also allows a much easier glide when using it. While the textured dildos cannot mimic what the smooth dildos can do.

Shape Curved G-spot and Prostate Dildos-
These dildos have a huge success with people that use them because they hit the sweet spots! They are perfectly shaped and angled to stimulate the g-spot or prostate and are highly effective for orgasms.

Anal Dildos-
They are shaped to stimulate the prostate in males or simply offer various sizes and textures that provide just the right stimulation for users. Thought some are not comfortable with the idea of anal stimulation, many users enjoy the sensitive nerve endings being stimulated through anal play.

Whether one chooses a thick and bumpy model or a slim, sleek one make sure you find one that cannot easily be lost inside a vagina or rectum. One with a flared base can be used for anal play. In addition, use lubricant because the anus is made of soft tissue and can easily be torn.

Double-ended Dildos-
These dildos can be used for double penetration on one person when they are bent into a c-shape or shared between partners vaginally and anally. Strong Kegel muscles will make it easier to maneuver when used for vagina-to-vagina.

Celebrity Molds-
If you have a favorite adult film star you can use one of these dildos which is an exact mold of there penis.

There are many adult celebs that have had exact molds made of their genitals and dildos made from your favorite male porn star is a nice way to “feel the love.”

Dildo Jealousy-
People hesitate to mention to their partner that they would like to purchase a dildo for fear that their partner may become jealous or insulted that they want to use one. Because the issue of penis size so out of proportion as well as feeling “replaced” by a toy it is easy to understand why a partner may indeed feel jealous or upset.

Yet, the truth is that no matter how skilled and advanced we get at creating toys for sexual pleasure, nothing can replace the feeling of arousal and intimacy that a partner can. Whether you use a toy with your partner or without, a partner can rest assured that they can never be replaced by a piece or rubber, glass, etc…

What To Watch Out For-

There is a huge variety of vibrators that are made as a novelty and break easily so it’s very important to choose wisely, when selecting from a reputable store with high quality products.One of the most important things when buying a vibrator online is knowing what size you will be using. Please refer to our measurements outlined by each of the products so that you do not get something that is too big or small.

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